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19 Jun 2014

Once a person crosses the age of 40, he may start to experience a downslide in the level of his fitness and the overall health. The wish to overcome problems due to middle age and knock off the extra pounds, has given rise to quite a few fitness programs and health oriented e-books. One guide that has generated a significant amount of public interest of late is the f4x method mentioned in the old school method of body-shaping. But what is the f4x system? And what are its characteristics and the four exercises in the training system? These are some of the points I have dealt with in this article.

The Old School F4X system is one of the latest methods that claim to reverse the aging process to make you look 10 years younger than you are. The Old School F4X method can be broken up into 14 chapters that have in it described each step of the program; quite clearly. The instructions are quite lucid and the exercises are not difficult to perform.

What are the four exercises included in the f4x system?

Set 1: Select a suitable weight with which you can perform at least 15 reps without any trouble, but do just 10 reps followed by a period of rest for around 30-40 seconds.
Set 2: Do another 10 reps using the same weight followed by rest for around 30 seconds.

Set 3: Perform 10 repetitions using the same weight followed by rest for 30 seconds.
Set 4: This is the last set. Perform as many reps as you possible, but without straining yourself.


The Old School New Body workout plan can be further split up into three clearly defined stages, which include the following:

F4X Lean: In this stage, the body’s exterior layer of fat is shed to make way for a more toned and lean structure. Once this has been achieved, one can stop this particular stage as their muscles are ready to be developed and subsequent fat loss can be clearly observed.


F4X Shape: This stage is meant for those people who seek to generate leaner muscle mass. Developing more muscle practically ensures that the anabolic processes of the body keep on burning more calories even while resting.


F4X Build: Those who want to develop their muscles further and add a bit of bulk will be benefited by this stage. The F4X build stage requires one to concentrate more on the workout and diet than the other stages, as it is more about building muscle than anti-aging or burning fat.

Holman couple has developed these programs, who are both fitness professionals. Steve happens to be the Chief Editor of a prominent health magazine; Iron Man. On the other hand, his many years of vital experience in the fitness industry make him an authority on this subject.